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The year is 3550 OTP. Although the Age of Men is over, sapient beings still roam the Earth – robots. However, they are not at peace. Two warring factions exist: The Singularity, an entity intent on being the only sapient AI; and the Resistance, fighting to preserve their individuality.

You are Robotrooper, a member of the Resistance. Your outpost's security AI has been hacked by the Singularity and its defenses are now trying to kill you. To top it off, the self-destruct sequence has been activated as well. Your objective is to escape by reaching the exit on the ground floor before the outpost explodes.


Robotrooper: Survival was created as part of a university module assignment. Based on assignment specifications, it was to be a 1-2 minute game, made in Unreal Engine 4.13.X, using only the Blueprints Visual Scripting language, Starter Content and custom assets made directly in the engine. This release is almost identical to the initial one, but it does include an external launcher that allows users to change the game's graphical settings.


If you experience any bugs or glitches during gameplay, please submit a bug report at: https://www.thedigitaltechnologist.com/support.

Install instructions

Simply extract the game folder from the archive, then double-click RobotrooperLauncher.exe and press Play to launch the game. You may also need to change the game's graphical settings. To access these, double-click RobotrooperLauncher.exe and press the Options button.



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