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Our Space Thing is a top-down, turn-based “dungeon crawler”. Except it takes place on a spaceship. In space. You, the ship’s handyman, are witness to some shady Space Mafia business and after months of service, you decide to leave. But no one leaves the Space Mafia...

Delve into the rooms and corridors of the Cosa Nostra ship, fighting humans, aliens and robots alike, picking up their gear as well as some new skills you never knew you had in you. Can you make it out alive?!

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If you experience any bugs or glitches during gameplay, please submit a bug report at: https://www.thedigitaltechnologist.com/support.

Install instructions

Simply extract the game folder from the archive, then double-click Our Space Thing.exe and press Play! to launch the game. 


Our Space Thing.zip 21 MB

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